Scoutbook FAQs

Pack 477 uses Scoutbook for internal communication: calendaring, RSVPs, tracking accomplishments, den leader contact info, announcements, etc. When you join, the committee chair will give you a log-in and away you go!

Below are two frequently asked questions and answers about using scoutbook. Also below is a video for parents setting up and using Scoutbook for the first time.

How to set up auto updates for your calendar with iCal syncing

Scoutbook is our one and only calendar for pack and den events. All leaders and parents should only check the Scoutbook calendar for all pack and den meetings and all events. Den leaders, if you make changes to the dates or location of you meetings, please ensure the changes are made in the Scoutbook calendar.

When you link Scoutbook to your personal electronic calendar, all calendar entries will automatically be added and updated in your personal electronic calendar. To do so:
1) login to Scoutbook
2) go to “my calendar
3) find the “subscribe” link for pack and click it – see photo
4) copy the weblink to your clipboard
1) open your electronic calendar
2) find “add calendar
3) select “from URL”
4) copy and paste the weblink for the pack
5) click “save,” if necessary.

Note: Each den has a unique weblink. You will need to repeat this process for each den calendar you wish to add to your personal electronic calendar.




How to RSVP with Scoutbook

To RSVP to an event:

  1. Follow the link at the bottom of the email that you received requesting an RSVP from
  2. Locate your name/photo.
  3. Click on the blue question mark on the bottom right corner of the photo/icon.
  4. Select “Yes”  or “No.”
  5. Repeat for each person in your family so the event orgnaizer can get an accurate head-count.

Please not that registration fees apply for some events, so please accurately respond for each member of your famility to ensure the event organizer books the right number of slots for your family.

If you need to change your RSVP, please email the event planner a courtesy heads-up, as well as changing your RSVP in Scoutbook. Thank you!


Introductory Video for first time Scoutbook Parents